Reece Lab

Evolutionary Genetics and Conservation Biology

Lab Members & Research

Head Honcho


Dr. Joshua Reece


Formally: I am an evolutionary biologist who also works in conservation biology. Students in my lab work on a wide range of projects, but they typically work on either molecular phylogenetics, comparative phylogenetic methods, or conservation planning in the context of climate change.

Informally: I love natural history, field work, and working with students. My hobbies currently include surviving fatherhood.



Graduate Students



Chris Jorgensen


I am a graduate student here at Fresno State! My background and interests involve studying the population genetics of mammals, and using phylogenetics to predict how future land use change will affect species of special concern in the next century.





Rachel Morrow


I am a first-year graduate student here at Fresno State! I am studying Western Pond Turtles and using genetics to identify species and assist zoos with captive breeding programs.







Shelby Moshier


I am a first-year graduate student interested in studying phylogenetics, conservation biology, and geographic information systems. I am studying how dredging impacts the biodiversity of coastal ecosystems in Morro Bay.




Undergraduate Students



Robert Seward


I’m a biology major interested in marine biology. My research involves studying how coastal dredging impacts the biodiversity of coastal ecosystems, specifically in Morro Bay. I also love organic chemistry!





Hailey Long


I’m an undergraduate biology major interested in marine biology and learning about animals. In the lab, I am working on analyzing acoustic recordings of bats collected from Yosemite and Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Parks. After college, I would like to pursue a career in marine animal rehabilitation.



Mahek Bhatti






Natalie Yorba