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Evolutionary Genetics and Conservation Biology

Curriculum Vitae

Joshua S. Reece

Curriculum Vitae

California State University, Department of Biology

2555 E San Ramon Ave M/S SB73

Fresno, CA 93740

Office: 229-219-3293                Cell: 314-620-9366



Assistant Professor, California State University at Fresno                                       7/2016-Present

Assistant Professor, Valdosta State University                                                         8/2013-7/2016

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Central Florida                                                    11/2011-7/2013

Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California at Santa Cruz                                     8/2010-10/2011



Ph.D. Biology, Washington University in Saint Louis                                                            5/2010

Advisor: Allan Larson

Master of Biology, University of Central Florida                                                                  5/2005

Advisors: L.M. Ehrhart and C.L. Parkinson

Bachelors of Science in Biology, University of Central Florida                                              5/2002


STATISTICS: 36 papers, 1 book, 532 citations, h-index = 13, i10-index = 14, >50 grants (>$800,000)

STATISTICS WHILE AT CSU FRESNO: 10 papers published, 4 in review with student co-authors. 30+ grants/awards totaling $511,283, 13 presentations at major international meetings with student coauthors.


MANUSCRIPTS CURRENTLY IN REVIEW (undergraduate co-authors underlined)

Barajas, F., Chrysafis, P., Hensley, C., Lawson, R., Vera, J., Reece, J.S. Body shape evolves independent of phylogeny and habitat depth in hagfish. Journal of Fish Biology.

Moshier, S., Dhaliwal, G., Reece, J.S. The phylogenetic distribution of climate change extinction risk in California’s birds. Biological Conservation.

Jorgensen, C., Reece, J.S. The phylogenetic distribution of extinction risk in California’s mammals. Journal of Mammology.

Schumacher, E.L., Haney, W.A., Gibbs, L.H., Noss, R.F., Vickery, P.D., Anderson, C.D., and Reece, J.S. Over 100 years of population decline and on the verge of extinction: still no reduction in genetic diversity for the Florida Grasshopper Sparrow (Ammodramus savannarum floridanus). Condor.

Single, A.J.T., Potter, K.M., Gunn, C., Reece, J.S., and Van Laar, T.A. Impact of nesting microhabitat and foraging habitat on the nesting site selection of the Black Swift (Cypseloides niger). IBIS.

PEER REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS (undergraduate co-authors underlined)

Hime, P.M., Briggler, J.T, Reece, J.S., Weisrock, D.W. (2019) Genomic data reveal conserved female heterogamety in Giant Salamanders with gigantic nuclear genomes. G3: Genes, Genomes, and Genetics, 9: online early.

Hensley, C.B., Trisos, C.H., Warren, P.S., MacFarland, J., Blumenshine, S., Reece, J., Katti, M. (2019) Effects of urbanization on native bird species in three southwestern US cities. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution, 7:71.

Jensen, M.P., FitzSimmons, N.N., Bourjea, J., Hamabata, T., Reece, J., Dutton, P.H. (2019) The evolutionary history and global phylogeography of the green turtle (Chelonia mydas). Journal of Biogeography, 46:860-870.

Reece, J.S., Watson, A., Dalyander, P.S., Edwards, C.K., Geselbracht, L., LaPeyre, M.K., Tirpak, B.E., Tirpak, J.M., Woodrey, M. (2018) A multiscale natural community and species-level vulnerability assessment of the Gulf Coast, USA. PLoS One, 13: e0199844 

Watson, A. Reece, J., Tirpak, B.E., Edwards, C.K., Geselbracht, L., Woodrey, M., La Peyre, M.K., Dalyander, P.S. 2017. The Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment: Mangrove, Tidal Emergent Marsh, Barrier Islands, and Oyster Reef. Forest and Wildlife Research Center, Research Bulletin WFA421, Mississippi State University. 100pp.

Stys, B., Foster, T. Fuentes, M.M.P.B., Glazer, B., Karish, K., Montero, N., Reece, J.S. (2017) Climate Change Impacts of Florida’s Biodiversity and Ecology. In Florida’s Climate: Changes, Variations, & Impacts, E. Chassignet, ed. Florida Climate Institute, Tallahassee, FL. Florida Climate Institute, Gainesville, FL.

Reece, J.S. (in press) Vulnerability Assessments. In Florida’s Climate, E. Chassignet, ed. Florida Climate Institute, Tallahassee, FL.

Schumacher, E.L., Owens, B.D., Uyeno, T.A., Clarke, A.J., and Reece, J.S. (2017) No support for Heincke’s law in hagfish (Myxinidae): lack of an association between body size and depth of species occurrence. Journal of Fish Biology, 91:545-557.

Selkoe, K., et al. (2016) The DNA of coral reef biodiversity: predicting and protecting genetic diversity of reef assemblages. Proceedings of the Royal Society B. 283: 20160354.

Schumacher, E.L., Reece, J.S. (2016) Most studies of sea turtles and climate change are models of what might happen- we should instead focus on studying what has happened. Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Natural History, 54:118-130.

Reece, J.S., Alansari, A., Kalkvik, H.M., AlKindi, A., Mahmoud, I., Al Kiyumi, A., Elshafie, A., Jensen, M.P., and Parkinson, C.L. (2016) A survey of the genetic diversity of the Loggerhead and Green Sea Turtles of Oman. Bulletin of the Florida Museum of Natural History, 54:104-117.


Langford, R.E., Schumacher, E.L., Uyeno, T.A., and J.S. Reece (2015). Modeling how shoreline shape affects tides and how underwater structures attenuate wave energy: an example of the Georgia Bight. The International Journal for Innovation, Education, and Research, 3:66-73.

Cortez, C.B., Desbiens, C.M., Langford, R.E., McCray, M.M., Palmer, W.D., Picariello, C.R., Rivera, J., Simmons, M.K., Owens, B.D., and Reece, J.S. 2015. Additional evidence for reciprocal monophyly of hagfish subfamilies Myxininae and Eptatretinae: a class exercise in phylogenetics. Omnino, 5:20-37.

Reece, J.S., Noss, R.F. (2014). A Flexible Tool for Prioritizing Species by Conservation Value and Vulnerability to Multiple Threats. Natural Areas Journal, 34:31-45.

Reece, J.S., Noss, R.F. (2014) Investigating the Effects of Shoreline Development and Climate Change on Loggerhead Nesting Habits. Quest Magazine, 15(2): 12-15.

Krakos, K.N., Reece, J.S., Raven, P.H. (2014) Molecular phylogenetics and reproductive biology of Oenothera Section Kneiffia (Onagraceae). Systematic Botany, 39:523-532.

Collar, D., Reece, J.S., Mehta, R., Alfaro, M., Wainwright, P. (2014) Imperfect Convergence in Morphological Systems: Variable Responses among Cranial Structures Underlie Transitions to Durophagy in Moray Eels. American Naturalist, 183:E168-E184.

Reece, J.S., Passeri, D., Ehrhart, L.M., Hagen, S., Hays, A., Long, C., Noss, R., Bilskie, M., Sanchez, C., Schwoerer, M.V., Von-Holle, B., Weishampel, J., Wolf, S. (2013) Sea level rise, land use, and climate change influence the distribution of loggerhead turtle nests at the largest USA rookery (Melbourne Beach, Florida). Marine Ecology Progress Series, 493:259-274.

Reece, J.S., Noss, R.F., Oetting, J., Hoctor, T., Volk, M. (2013) A vulnerability assessment of 300 species in Florida: threats from sea level rise, land-use, and climate change. PLoS One, 8(11):e80658.

Benscoter, A.M., Reece, J.S., Noss, R.F., Brandt, L.A., Mazzotti, F.J., Romañach, S., Watling, J.I. (2013) Threatened and endangered subspecies with vulnerable ecological traits also have high susceptibility to sea level rise and habitat fragmentation. PLoS ONE, 8: e70647.

Reece, J.S., Mehta, R. (2013) The mechanisms underlying the evolution of elongation and large body size in moray eels (Muraenidae). Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, 109: 861-875.

Korosy, M.G., Reece, J.S., Noss, R. (2013) Winter habitat associations of four grassland sparrows in south Florida’s dry prairie. Wilson Journal of Ornithology, 125: 502-512.

Reece, J.S. (2011) The Incredible Larvae of Moray Eels. Quest Magazine, 12, 25-27. **Featured on Cover

Reece, J.S., Bowen, B.W., Larson, A. (2011). Phylogeography of four moray eel species: long larval duration ensures ocean-wide genetic homogeneity despite variation in adult niche breadth. Marine Ecology Progress Series 437, 269-277.

Tucker, S.L., Reece, J.S., Ream, T.S., Pikaard, C.S. (2010) Evolutionary history of plant multisubunit RNA Polymerases IV and V: Subunit origins via genome-wide and segmental gene duplications, retrotransposition, and lineage-specific subfunctionalization. Cold Spring Harbor Symposia on Quantitative Biology, 75: 285-297.

Reece, J.S., Smith, D.G., Holm, E. (2010) The moray eels of the Anarchias cantonensis group (Anguilliformes: Muraenidae), with description of two new species. Copeia 3, 421-430.

Reece, J.S., Bowen, B.W., Larson, A.F. (2010) Molecular phylogenetics of moray eels (Muraenidae) demonstrates multiple origins of a shell-crushing jaw (Gymnomuraena, Echidna) and multiple colonizations of the Atlantic Ocean. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 57, 829-835.

Reece, J.S., Bowen, B.W., Joshi, K., Goz, V., Larson, A. (2010) Phylogeography of two moray eels indicates high dispersal throughout the Indo-Pacific. Journal of Heredity 101, 391-402. **Featured on Cover

Reece, J.S. (2010) Moray Eels (Muraenidae). PhD Thesis. Washington University in Saint Louis, 112 pp. Downloaded over 1000 times

Brock, K.A., Reece, J.S., and L.M. Ehrhart. (2009) Effects of Artificial Beach Nourishment on Marine Turtles: Differences between Loggerhead and Green Turtles. Restoration Ecology, 17, 297-307.

Reece, J.S., Ehrhart, L.M., and C.L. Parkinson (2006). Mixed Stock Analysis of Juvenile Loggerhead Turtles in the Indian River Lagoon and Implications for Marine Turtle Conservation Planning. Conservation Genetics, 7, 345-352.

Reece, J.S., Castoe, T.C., and C.L. Parkinson (2005). Historical Perspectives on Population Genetics and Conservation of Three Marine Turtle Species. Conservation Genetics, 6, 235-251.



Reece, J.S. (2014) Evolutionary Relationships and Population Genetics of Moray Eels. Scholars Press, Germany. Pp. 102. ISBN 978-3-639-71649-8



FUNDING TOTAL: $1,047,909


Awards/Scholarships: $192,871         Research Grants: $855,038


US National Parks Service: Science Communication Ambassador                                         $2,000

US National Parks Service: Bat Conservation and Outreach                                                 $12,051

Sequoia Science Foundation: Bat Monitoring                                                                       $3,699

CSUF IRA Award                                                                                                                 $4,500

Save the Redwoods League                                                                                               $25,000

GNI student grant                                                                                                               $1,500

CSUF Graduate Student Research and Creative Activities Support Award                               $1000


Three independent nominations for Best Advisor Fresno State                                             ——–

CSU Fresno Lacrosse Team Most Valued Professor                                                                 ——–

COAST Undergraduate Research Support                                                                               $938

CSUF FSSRA Awards                                                                                                           $2,000

CSUF URG rGrant                                                                                                               $2,000

ASI Impact Award: Bat Biodiversity in Central Valley                                                         $10,000

CSUF IRA Award: Bat Monitoring                                                                                        $6000

CSUF IRA Award: Student Research Presentations                                                                $4500

Sequoia Science Foundation: Environmental DNA SEKI                                                        $5000

Georgia DNR- Climate Change Vulnerability in Georgia Yr2                                             $158,360


Georgia DNR – Climate Change Vulnerability in Georgia Yr1                                           $180,000

Fresno Chaffee Zoo – Western Pond Turtle Genetics                                                           $2400

San Francisco Zoo – Western Pond Turtle Genetics                                                             $8600

COAST Rapid Response Grant Program – beach erosion                                                      $7500

CSU Fresno Faculty Research and Creative Activities Awards                                             $10,000

CSU Fresno Professional Development Award                                                                      $1200

CSU Fresno Major Department Travel Award                                                                        $1000

CSU Fresno Minor Department Travel Award                                                                         $500


Georgia DNR Publication Award                                                                                           $3500

USFWS Gulf Coast Vulnerability Assessment Publication Award                                            $4000

CSU Fresno Faculty Sponsored Student Research Awards                                                        $750

CSU Fresno Biology Minor Travel Award                                                                                $500

CSU Fresno Biology Major Travel Award                                                                               $1000

COAST Research Grant for Hagfish Research (CSU)                                                                $625

CSUPERB Travel Award                                                                                                        $1500

USFWS Sam D. Hamilton Award for Transformational Conservation Science                      $50,000


USG Textbook Transformation Grant                                                                                $24,800

Faculty Research Seed Grant (VSU)                                                                                     $7,500

Faculty Scholarship Award (VSU)                                                                                         $1,000

USFWS Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Grant                                                                        $28,295

USG I-Core Curriculum Development                                                                                $16,666

Pedagogical Innovation Award (VSU)                                                                                   $4500

USG Textbook Transformation Grant                                                                                $30,000


International Herpetology Conference Best Paper Award (UF)                                                 $100

Undergraduate Teaching Large Equipment Grant (VSU)                                                     $97,085

Pedagogical Innovation Award (VSU)                                                                                   $4500

Research time-release (VSU)                                                                                               $2300

Research time-release (VSU)                                                                                               $2300

Undergraduate Teaching Equipment Grant (VSU)                                                               $22,371

Writing across the Curriculum Award (VSU)                                                                           $500


Florida Institute for Conservation Science                                                                     $13,476.93


FFWCC Florida Grasshopper Sparrow Grant                                                                        $22,325


NSF DDIG                                                                                                                            $9020

MEEC Best Oral Presentation Award                                                                                       $100

WU Departmental Travel Award                                                                                            $1500

DeepFin Fish Phylogeny Project                                                                                           $4000

Explorer’s Club Travel Award                                                                                                $1500

Society of Systematic Biology Mini-PEET Award                                                                  $2200

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Training Award                                         $3750


Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Training Award                                         $3750

Smithsonian Graduate Fellowship (declined)                                                                     $27,000


National Geographic Young Explorers Award                                                                        $4000

PADI Foundation Award                                                                                                      $2,700

Howard Hughes Medical Institute Undergraduate Training Award                                         $3750


Washington University: Conservation Genetics Workshop                                                     $3000

United States Fish and Wildlife Foundation Wildlife Refuge Centennial Fellowship              $15,000

Florida Fish and Wildlife Service Marine Turtle Grant Program                                             $13,193

Brevard County Office of Natural Resource Management                                                   $45,254

Florida Fish and Wildlife Service Marine Turtle Grant Program                                           $22,659

Sea World Busch Gardens Conservation Fund                                                                      $5,000

University of Central Florida Travel Award                                                                             $200

University of Central Florida Graduate Part Time Tuition Fellowship                                       $600

Brevard County, FL Shore Protection Project                                                                     $26,469

Sigma Xi Outstanding Presentation by a Graduate Student                                                       $50

UCF American Association for the Advancement of Science Award                                          $150

Florida Fish and Wildlife Service Marine Turtle Grant Program                                           $25,684

University of Central Florida Graduate Travel Award                                                               $800

Caribbean Conservation Corporation Mel Stark Fellowship                                                   $4,000

Sea Turtle Symposium Travel Award                                                                                      $650

National Speleological Society                                                                                                 $871

United States Exploration Committee                                                                                     $250

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Fund                                                                                     $1,000

Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission Marine Turtle Grant Program                                    $15,050

Brevard County Shore Protection Project Marine Turtle Nesting Monitoring                       $26,057

UCF Graduate Research Enhancement Award                                                                       $1,000

UCF Undergraduate to Graduate Fellowship                                                                       $10,000


PRESENTATIONS (undergraduate co-authors underlined)

Paulukonis, E. Reece, J., Nibbelink, N., US-IALE Meeting, April 7-11, 2019. Fort Collins, CO. A Multi-species Vulnerability Assessment to Inform Conservation Prioritization Schemes in Coastal Georgia.

Moshier, S., Reece, J., US-IALE Meeting, April 7-11, 2019. Fort Collins, CO. Effects of Dredge Deposition on Avian and Intertidal Macroinvertebrate Biodiversity in Morro Bay, CA

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Moshier, S., Seward, R., Reece, J., Sequoia SEKI Science Symposium, November 14-15, 2018, Three Rivers, CA

Jorgensen, C., Reece, J.S. The phylogenetic distribution of extinction risk in California’s mammals. Ecological Society of America Conference, August 5-10, 2018 New Orleans, LA.

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Moshier, S., Dhaliwal, G., Reece, J.S. DNA sequencing can help identify the origin of captive Western Pond Turtles in a captive breeding program. Fundraiser at Fresno Chaffee Zoo, April 27, 2017, Fresno, CA.

Reece, J.S., Lowery, M.B. A vulnerability assessment and prioritization system for coastal ecosystems in Georgia. Prepare, Respond and Adapt, is Georgia Climate Ready? Invited Seminar. Nov 2-3, 2016, Jekyll Island, Georgia.


Reece, J.S., Langford, R., Schumacher, E.L. Lab Demonstration: Teaching the Georgia Bight and Coastal Wave Energy, Georgia Association of Marine Educators Annual Conference, October 16-18, Tybee Island, Georgia.

Reece, J.S. Invited presentation on Climate Change Adaptation Strategies, Georgia DNR Coastal Resources Division, October 9, 2015, Brunswick Georgia.

Reece, J.S. Vulnerability assessments in Georgia. Georgia DNR Conference, January 29-30, 2015, Ocmulgee State Park, Georgia.

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Noss, R., Reece, J. Climate change and biodiversity in Florida: short-term and long-term concerns. Invited Seminar East Carolina State University Symposium on Biodiversity responses to climate change- perspectives from the southeastern US. Greenville, NC, March 14-15, 2014.

Reece, J.S., Reidenbach, L.B., Noss, M., Noss, R.F., Creating high-school teaching materials that interweave sea-level rise research with Florida’s Next Generation Sunshine State Standards. National Association of Biology Teachers, Atlanta, GA Nov 20-23, 2013.

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Professional Association of Diving Instructors Foundation (PADI)

Society of Integrated and Comparative Biology (SICB)

Evolution Society

American Association of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists (ASIH)

American Association of Underwater Scientists (AAUS)

National Speleological Foundation (NSF)

American Association for the Advancement of Science

Explorers Club



Monthly 2018-2019: Host Café Scientifique public outreach events to an average of 

Dark Skies Event: Three Rivers, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park (>100 guests): August 24, 2019

Public Outreach Bat Conservation in Sequoia and Kings Canyon, each event typically  between 15 and 50 people, up to 140 people:

       June 7-8, 2018

       June 27-28, 2018

       July 19-20, 2018

       July 25-26, 2018

      August 2-3, 2018

      August 29-31, 2018

      September 7-8, 2018

      June 13-15, 2019

      July 11-13, 2019

      August 6-8, 2019

      August 15-17, 2019

      August 29-31, 2019

Peer Reviewer for the following journals:

Journal of Biological Research

Journal of Ichthyological Research

Molecular Ecology Resources

Molecular Ecology

Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution

Journal of Conservation Genetics

Coral Reefs

Marine Ecology Progress Series


Journal of Fish Biology

PLoS One

National Evolutionary Synthesis Center: Contributor to Phyloinformatics Vo-Camp 2009: developing the technological infrastructure to integrate phylogenetic databases with biodiversity information

Young Scientist Program: From 2006-2010 I developed learning modules in ecology and evolution and team-taught them in local St. Louis public high schools

Graduate Student Mentorship Program Washington University in St. Louis- I co-designed this program and mentored 5 junior graduate students

Washington University Committees: Graduate Student Steering Committee Chair, Seminar Series Coordinator, Ecologist Hiring Committee, Departmental Chair Hiring Committee, Organizer of ArcGIS Workshop 2008.

Scientific Outreach Lectures in St. Louis High Schools: Kennedy High School (2007), St. Joseph Academy (2008, 2009, 2010)

Disseminating Local Research to the Community: Kaneohe Pet Shop in Oahu, HI: public speaking engagements in 2008, 2009

R Workshop- Data formatting, principal components analyses and packages for comparative phylogenetic methods (UC Santa Cruz, Fall 2010)



Professor: Biol 177 Conservation Biology (Fall 2019)

Professor: Biol 189T Study Abroad Costa Rica (Summer 2019)

Professor: Biol 105 Evolution (Spring 2019)

Professor: Biol 179 Population Biology (Fall 2017, Fall 2019)

Professor: Biol 178 Systematic Biology

Professor: Biol 189T Macroevolution (Fall 2016)

Professor: Biol 260T Graduate Conservation Biology (Spring 2018)

Professor: Biol 189T Conservation Biology (Fall 2016)

Professor: Biol 189T Study Abroad Belize (Summer 2018)

Professor: Biol 281 Graduate Reading Seminar (Fall 2016)


Professor: Macroevolution: VSU (Fall 2014, Spring 2015)

Professor: Senior Seminar on Scientific Writing: VSU (Spring 2015, Fall 2015)

Professor: Coastal Biodiversity and Climate Change: VSU (Summer 2014, 2015)

Professor: Principles of Biology II: VSU (Spring 2013)

Professor: Principles of Biology I: VSU (Spring 2013, Fall 2015)

Instructor: Conservation Biology: UCF (Fall 2012)

Instructor: Special Topics- Sea Level Rise in Florida: UCF (Summer 2012)

Instructor: NSF/Washington University Life Sciences for a Global Community Program (Fall 2009)

Teaching biology high school instructors to teach science, including development of online tutorials in phylogenetics

Short Course/Seminars Washington University in St. Louis (Summer 2009)

Quantitative PCR and sequencing

Editing and organizing DNA sequence data


Population Genetic Analyses

Lecturing Teaching Assistant Coordinator Washington University (Fall 2008)

Genetics: led group of 8 teaching assistants, gave tutorials, wrote test questions and graded examinations

Lecturing Teaching Assistant Washington University Spring 2008, 2009, 2010

Behavioral Ecology: designed and delivered class lectures, wrote test questions, critiqued writing exercises

Lecturing Teaching Assistant Washington University Fall 2007

Conservation Biology: grading, class lectures, and weekly discussion group

Lecturing Teaching Assistant Washington University Spring 2006, 2007, 2009

Evolution Course: Designed and delivered lectures, wrote test questions, led weekly discussion group

Laboratory Instructor University of Central Florida Fall 2004

Herpetology: gave lectures, curated teaching collection, organized and led field trips collecting herpetofauna.

Laboratory Instructor University of Central Florida Spring 2003

Vertebrate Zoology and Evolution: curated teaching collection, designed practicals, gave lectures, organized local trapping and collection trips

Laboratory Instructor University of Central Florida Fall 2002

Biodiversity Course: designed tests and quizzes, developed curriculum for sophomore-level biology class.



California State University, Fresno:

Jocelyn Boe (Fall 2017-Spring 2019), Daisy Xiong (Fall 2018), Shant Krikorian (Fall 2019), Savannah Alfaro (Fall 2018-Spring 2019), Robert Jeffers (Fall 2018-Spring 2019), Natalie Yorba (Fall 2018-Spring 2019), Maninder Kaur (Fall 2018-Spring 2019), Mahekdeep Bhatti (Fall 2018-Spring 2019), Gagandeep Mann (Fall 2019), Brittney Garcia (Fall 2018-Spring 2019), Andrew Bedford (Fall 2019), Alejandro Ramirez (Fall 2019), Kira Gangbin (Spring 2019-Fall 2019), Ismael Rosales (Fall 2018-Spring 2019), Hailey Long (Fall 2018-Fall 2019), Amber Hayter (Fall 2018-Spring 2019), Chrisionna Graves (Fall 2018-Spring 2019), Saramae Parker (Fall 2017-Fall 2019), Claire Evangelho (Fall 2017-Spring 2019), Lexi Walker (Fall 2017-Spring 2019), Bryant Coleman (Fall 2017-Spring 2019), Robert Seward (Fall 2017-Fall 2019), Rachel Morrow (Fall 2017-Fall 2019), Shelby Moshier (Fall 2017-Spring 2019), Michael Bravo (Spring 2016-Spring 2017), Francisco Barajas (Spring 2016-Spring 2017), Gurjap Dhaliwal (Fall 2016-Spring 2017), Connor Cunningham (Spring 2016-Fall 2016), Chris Jorgensen (Spring 2016-Fall 2018)

Valdosta State University:

Markus Lowery (MS), Erika Schumacher (2013-present), Arturo Sanchez (2014), Ashilee Thomas (2014-present), Lauren Sparks-Hoskins (2014-present), Brianna Shepherd (2014-present), Qianna Sweet (2014), Larae Seeman (2015), Deven Crudup (2014), Angela Bass (2014-present), Shaundon Moore (2014), Victoria Maskule (2014), Taylor Keels (2014-present), Matt Frances (2014-present), Brad Owens (2014-present), Jasmine Williams (2014-present), Eren Butler (2014).

University of Central Florida: Höken Kalkvik (PhD student), Jenna Evans (undergraduate), Max Rotatori (High School Lab Volunteer), Jack Degner (MS student), Leah Reidenbach (undergraduate), Angela Tursi (undergraduate).

Washington University in St. Louis: Paul Hime (St. Louis Zoo), Maria Melnechuk (PhD student), Kristin Powell (PhD student), Nic Kooyers (PhD student), Emma Moran (PhD student), Andrew Bergen (PhD student), Kavita Joshi (undergrad), Vadim Goz (undergrad), Alex Strauss (undergrad), Vanessa Schroeder (undergrad), and Benjamin Jellen (St. Louis University PhD student).

University of California Santa Cruz: Undergrads: Jeff Sharick, Anja Sjostrom.



ABOVE WERE PUBLISHED WHILE AT CSU FRESNO,-sea-level-rise-and-land-use.php



Dr. Allan Larson (PhD Advisor):

Washington University in Saint Louis, Department of Biology

One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130; 314-935-4656


Dr. Brian Bowen (mentor, collaborator)

University of Hawaii, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

PO Box 1346, Kaneohe, HI 96744; 808-236-7426


Dr. Reed Noss (postdoctoral advisor)

University of Central Florida

4000 Central Florida Blvd, Bldg 20, Orlando, FL 32816; 407-823-0975


Robert Gannon (Department Chair at Valdosta State University)

Department Chair, Valdosta State University

1500 North Patterson Street, Valdosta, GA 31698; 229-333-5761